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Brakes Only was established in 2012. Our 90 day money back guarantee on labor is our commitment to providing the best service in the industry. We use the best parts available all the time, whether they are OEM factory, aftermarket performance, or custom built for your specific needs. Brakes Only, only does brakes, thats how we keep it simple and easy and the prices are kept low. Please note, we do not install parts supplied by the customer.

Price Comparison

See how our labor prices stack up next to the competition.

Company Brake Pads Brake Calipers Brake Rotors
Brakes Only (We Come to You) $55 +$10 +$10
Firestone $99 +$59 +$29
Certified Service $99 +$39 +$19
Midas $115 +$49 +$29
Meineke $105 +$29 +$29

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